Features and Benefits 

- Very Quiet 

- Energy Saving 

- Long Life Product 

- Consistent Pressure 

- Reliable Quality 

LIFEWORK Inverter 2-50 Water Booster Pump

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  • This product comes with 2 Years Warranty 


    1. This Warranty covers the defects resulting from defective parts, materials or manufacturing, if such defects areare revealed during the period of 24 months since the date of purchase.

    2. This warranty will only covers the repair cost of the device and parts but excluding the transportation and labour costs.

    3. The Warranty does not cover consumables or parts of limited regular functionality due to their natural wear and tear.

    4. The Warranty does not cover :a. Mechanical or Electrical Damagesb. Damaged caused by natural disaster, fire, floods, wars, unexpected events,inappropriate voltage, defective supply materials or other external factors.c. Defects resulting from the usage of improper or non-genuine supply materials.d. Damages due to the user's fault or lack of knowledge.

    5. Warranty services will be provided under the following conditions:a. Immediately and effectively notify Guarantor about determined device’s defects and cease any using it.b. Device installed in a proper and good condition.c. The reference number of the delivered defective device must match the reference number sold to Customer.d. The marked device along with copy of commercial invoice should be delivered to our technicians.

    6. Life Work reserves the right to refuse to provide any Warranty services.

    7. Life Work shall not be held responsible for the loss and damage of assets caused by the device.